Unity – First Impressions

Unity – First Impressions

While studying game development over the past few years, I regularly come across articles on Unity.  For those of you who don’t know, Unity is an extremely popular game development software development kit that enables you to create cross-platform games. I took a break from my own game development on the Mac platform using SpriteKit (which I will return to very shortly) so that I could get a feel for Unity.

The book I bought to help me, Patrick Felicia’s “Unity 2D Game Development”, is in my favorite format – it presents the concepts quickly using trivial examples while building a working (crappy) game. I’m about 70 pages in and I’m enjoying it immensely.

The Good

It is a very drag-n-drop approach to creating content.  This enables you to quickly assemble a working game, especially if you purchase the game assets (sprites, backgrounds, etc).

You can use Visual Studio to write the C# scripts that attach to the game events and objects.

It’s free!

The Not So Good

There doesn’t seem to be any compile time checking of the code (I hate calling it “scripts”) you write, so if you misspell or miscapitalize string literals, you won’t be able to easily figure out what’s going wrong.

This was a quick first impression.   I’ll post one more update when I finish the very short book.

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