In the beginning…

In the beginning…

Well, this is the beginning of something, that really started in 1980 when I received my first computer, the Timex Sinclair 1000.  Wow, what a piece of shit, but I sat in front of it every day and typed in programs and saved them to tape.   I bought a chess program and when it crashed half way through a game (the computer was kicking my ass btw) I tried to debug it.   Although I couldn’t find the error, I started to understand how complicated software can be.

Soon, I was writing little programs on my own such as a nifty robot that walked across the screen.   Mind you, the Timex Sinclair was a 32 column black and white glorified calculator, but I wore the membrane keyboard out with my experiments.   Life complications intervened for a few years after that and I didn’t get a better computer until 1984 when I bought an Atari 400 with some summer money saved by painting houses and soon after that, my restaurant career.    I’ll never forget the feeling and sense of accomplishment that came from my first program executing in front of my eyes though – I had caught the programmer bug.

I won’t bore you with my atypical childhood and pursuit of programming and education – each of us has our own story in that regard – instead I’ll set the table for what this blog is about and my intentions for its use.

I plan on blogging about interesting technical problems that I have and will encounter while working at my day job, which is a developer manager at   My background is heavily Microsoft (thanks Bill!) but I am trying to get up to speed on MacOs and iOS development using BOTH Objective-C and Swift.   I will tag my posts correspondingly to the tech involved.     I have no illusions or delusions about any fame or acclaim generated from these future pithy posts but it I end up helping others by sharing a technique, gotcha, or best practice (sometimes Stack Overflow just doesn’t cut it) then it’s a win in my book.

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